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We do whatever it takes to grow your business.

Weber is more than a traditional advertising agency, more than a marketing firm, more than a printer & sign maker.
Whether it’s traditional, digital, print or social, we’ll work with you to find the best way to communicate your message and engage with your customers.
If you need an entire marketing campaign or just business cards - we get it done for you.

A Promise To Our Clients

Your tight deadlines don't scare us!

Our clients love our ability to respond quickly. We've taken last-minute direct mail pieces from creative idea to dropping the finished product at the post office in five hours. That's an extreme example, but for us, short deadlines are more often the rule than the norm.

Whatever You Need, We Never Say No!

This doesn't mean we won't try to dissuade you from a mistake. But it does mean we do whatever it takes to get the job done and we don't say we can't do something simply because the job is unusual or is potentially challenging.

No task is too hard or too small!

Part of being a trusted resource for our clients is delivering on each and every job given to us. No task is above us and no task is beneath us. Some of our favorite jobs are ones most ad agencies don't do.

We Are Vertically Integrated

As one of Central PA's largest ad agencies, we possess a unique ability to Get Stuff Done and will go far past traditional advertising agency roles. Because we are a vertically integrated advertising agency, we can do whatever it takes to advance clients' success.

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Our Unique Business Model

Vertical Integration

Controlling quality, reducing turn-around time, and eliminating markups by providing more services in-house.

What Our Clients Say

"What I appreciated about Weber was they were passionate about our success and it was obvious they were committed to what they do. They didn't come in pretending to know the mind of a farmer. They relied on our knowledge of our customers and what we knew worked over our previous 56 years as an ag equipment dealer. It's a team approach that has worked well for nearly 20 years."

Charlie Hoober
Former President
Hoober, Inc.

Charlie Hoober


We Get Traditional Advertising Stuff Done

Weber Advertising provides traditional services covering everything from print and broadcast advertising, direct mail and website design to social media, branding, e-commerce, media buying and more. However, our approach is a bit unique.

We Get Tech Stuff Done

Do we design and build effective websites that carry across all platforms, including mobile devices? Yes. Do we understand search engine optimization? Yes. How about analytics? Yep. E-blasts, e-commerce and e-marketing? You bet. In-store devices? For sure. We routinely create turnkey solutions for our clients.

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"...we have averaged growth that has outpaced the industry average by 300% over the last five years..." Read More

Dean Walker
Boyer's Food Markets

Boyer's Foods
Dean Walker

We Get Printing Stuff Done

In-House Printing

Visible Division

Need sell sheets, brochures, banners, posters, point-of-sale or signs?
We get that stuff done too.

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"We count on Weber to deliver value and execute quickly. We feel like we can ask them to do anything and they will do it..."

Chuck Hoober
Hoober, Inc.

Charlie Hoober

We Get Unexpected Stuff Done

We're committed to client service. We do a whole bunch of stuff that you wouldn't expect from traditional advertising agencies because sometimes clients need solutions that fall outside the realm of "normal" ad agency work.

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"...Even though we're surrounded by larger competition, we're growing..." Read More

Scott Karns
Karns Foods, Inc.

Karns Foods
Scott Karns